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To All client 

Since Qa Toy was founded over 15 years ago we have sold billions of children's toys and babycare products to generations of families. We care about your children's safety and your peace of mind and that's why strict adherence to all relevant local, national and international safety standards as well as our own rigorous testing is embedded in our culture.

We are committed to remaining the number one destination where our customers can confidently shop knowing that product safety is our number one priority and we are constantly upgrading our testing and inspection processes on products from wherever they are sourced to reinforce this pledge.

Safe Play - Our Guide

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that toys are safe it is vital that children are playing safely with them.To help you keep your children safe we have produced this guide to safe play.

Buy the right toy for the right age child. Check age recommendations on the pack and any age warnings, especially the following:

Means not suitable for children under 12 months
Means not suitable for children under 3 years.
All toys must have CE mark, must no less than 5mm for heigth

All toys must have washing mark--only hand washing

These age warnings are for safety reasons and should be strictly followed.

  • Little children under 3 years love to put things in their mouth so make sure they do not play with toys with small parts.
  • Regularly check for broken or damaged toys and throw them away! Once they are broken you can't be sure they are still safe.
  • Always read and follow manufacturer's instructions as they contain important information.
  • Ensure older children keep their toys away from younger children as they might not be safe for younger hands.
  • Tidy toys away where possible to avoid trips and falls.
  • Make sure your child always wears protective safety equipment where appropriate e.g. Bike helmets, knee and elbow pads.
  • IMPORTANT: Parental supervision during play is always advised.

All our toys complian to SGS-EN71-1-2-3 And CE safe standard!
New EN71-3 had been upgraded to 19 kind Heavy metal for testing by July,2013

How to Clean a Plush Doll锛

Plush dolls are played with by children every day and are dragged on the floor, tossed around with house pets, and then put into the child's mouth. Plush dolls can be perceived as difficult to clean, which means they may be forgotten and become very dirty. Stuffed plush dolls, especially those that may enter the mouth, should be washed once weekly or on an as-needed basis. Look at the label to be certain the plush doll is washable.

1. Clean a plush doll as soon as a spill occurs by shaking the plush doll vigorously to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Use a clean, wet sponge to dab at the plush doll to dilute and remove as much of the stain as possible. Finish with an alcohol wipe after testing it on the bottom of the doll to check for colorfastness. Solid stains can be treated immediately with alcohol wipes; if it is a stubborn stain set it aside for washing.
2. Check the label for washing instructions. If hand or machine washing is appropriate, open a seam on the bottom of the doll where it normally sits when placed upright.
3. Remove the stuffing through the opened seam and set it aside to re-stuff it later. Take the opportunity to wash several plush toys at one time, keeping the stuffing for each doll separate from the others.
4. Place the plush dolls loosely in a pillowcase and tie the pillowcase off at the end. Remove clothing from the doll and hand wash it as gently as possible. Allow it to air-dry.
5. Wash the pillowcase filled with plush dolls by itself on the gentle cycle in mild detergent in cold water.
6. Dry the filled pillowcase in the clothes dryer by itself on the gentle cycle on the lowest heat setting.
7. Replace the stuffing in each doll, taking care to push it in carefully so that it fills the plush doll out evenly. Sew the seam.

Tips & Warnings
鈥 Hand wash the doll if it appears to need gentle treatment before trying to machine wash it.
鈥 Use all-purpose cleaner and a very soft brush to clean stubborn stains.
鈥 Check the plush doll for plastic or metal joints or supports before washing.
鈥 If the plush doll is damaged while washing replace it with one that is machine washable.


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